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EMS Active Pad. Your Health is worth it.

  • Maxell EMS is the next generation exerciser that has TGA (Australian Therapeutics Good Authority) approval.
  • Maxell EMS incredibly ultra-slim, lightweight and the most powerful in its class.
  • Maxell EMS unlike cheap imitations has the most intense pulse, that will train the largest muscle groups.

Intensively develops abdominal, thigh, and waist muscles.

Maxell EMS’s pulse is second to none developing muscles in key areas.

The most slimline portable and powerful EMS on the Market

This Is One Amazing Fitness Unit

Designed in Japan.

Patented Japanese Maxell Technology. Delivers the highest result fast.

Maxell FiT



Slim Line. Wear during the day. Anywhere. Anyplace.

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Working office job all day, Maxell ems really helps me get back in shape

Stephen Rando

Not like other EMS products on the market.

Pulse is super strong, targets deeply in my quads.

Angelo Priti

With a new born baby girl, I dont get time for the gym.

I can put on Maxell EMS when home doing work, and my work out is done.

Marko Steinberg

Great product, Thumping pulse. Really feel the pump.

10/10 for this product highly recommend!!!

Ramin Rayzan

Great product, I can target sore areas after gym work.

Product is quite good as a massager also

Daniel O'Sullivan