Arms. Obliques.

If you have no time for exercise no problem. Maxell ActivePad has you covered.

Activepad provides you with relaxing and efficient muscle training while you do other things.  Simple operation and comfortable attachment mean you can use Activepad anytime, anywhere. Pursue your fitness goals .



Abs. Back. legs.

Train intensely, Exercise the muscles and increase fiber contraction; helps to strengthen and tone muscles. Invigorate your body.

Excellent device to tone ABS, legs and larger muscle parts.


 6 PAD

Hips and waist.

If you have no time for exercise no problem. Maxell ACTIVEPAD – 6PAD has you covered.

Effective exercise for hips ands waist. Keeping your body in shape more easily.


Fantastic Product. I use the 4 pad on my stomach when walking the dog.

Get twice the work out!! Really love the product.

Stephen Rando / Claytox

Muscles work out on their on, I can put the devise on get a work out whilst watching TV. Great product .

Highly Recommend A+++

Jenny Martin / Facebook

I use this product on Biceps and Obliques.

Find its great to massage sore areas after the gym. Especially calf muscles after going for a run.

The pulse is hard hitting and soothing for helps me with muscle Recovery!

Ramin Rayzan / Instagram