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EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) machine is a exercise equipment for sports that contracts muscles by low frequency electrical stimulation.Rather than passing the signal by the brain to the muscles, ems transmit electrical signals directly from the device to the muscles.

  • Maxell MXES-H600YG is a totally new generation of EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) exerciser that has TGA (Australian Therapeutics Good Authority) approval.
  • Maxell MXES-H600YG avoids the need for wires and cables to hang about and doesn’t need use cables; it offers 15 Programs plus Intensity adjustments, in a new incredibly small and ultra-slim control unit. With super lithium-ion battery, that pushes your muscles to the limit.
You can enjoy your living as usual by just sticking the pad and running an exercise program,  and continuing with your day to day work and allow Maxell MXES-H600YG run an exercise program. Simple operation and super comfortable wearing means Maxell MXES-H600YG can be used anytime anywhere!

Muscle Conditioning
Unlike other inferior market copies, MXES-H600YG provides muscle pulse and muscle contraction that is second to none.
  • Muscle contraction, is super strong, intense and lasting. It is provided by MXES-H600YG unique frequency, that assists the muscle with toning, conditioning and fat loss.
  • Muscle Pulse on the highest setting is vigorous and strenuous hitting the muscle tissue hard, ensuring maximum workout even for the largest muscle groups:  buttocks, legs, love handles. This is achieved by the premium super lithium-ion battery by Maxell.
Large muscle groups are a breeze for MXES-H600YG that has the strength and power to penetrate into deepest muscle tissue.

Muscle Injury

Deep pulse and unique penetrating frequency MXES-H600YG can also be used as muscle massager.

MXES-H600YG can target deep into muscle tissue massaging and increasing blood flow circulation. Helping you with a faster recovery.


MODE A – Waist & Hips

Simultaneously exercises the waist and hips
Psoas major, gluteus maximus, oblique abdominal, transverse abdominal, and hamstring muscles

MODE B – Waist

Exercise concentrating on the waist
Rectus abdominis, oblique abdominal, and transverse abdominal muscles

MODE C – Hips

Exercise concentrating on the hips
Gluteus maximus and hamstring muscles


Training Modes

Training steps of MXES-H600YG MOTECARE Waist & Hips

Order Training steps Description
1 Warm-up Stimulation moves muscles in a steady rhythm.
2 Hip walking Lowering the buttocks to the ground, and then moving the right and left buttock alternatively.
3 Hip extension Getting down on the hands and knees, bending one knee, lifting it up from the floor, and then moving this leg up and down while the knee remains bent.
4 Hip adduction Lying sideways with the left leg up and bending it just like the figure four, while supporting the body with the left hand for stability.
While keeping the right leg stretched out straight, the left leg is lifted up and then lowered slowly to its original position, and this vertical leg movement is repeated.
5 Hip lift Lying on one’s back, and bending the knees about 45 degrees with hands to the side of the body and palms facing down.
Next, the buttocks are tightened and waist lifted, and this position held for one second once the thighs and body are in line. Then the waist is slowly lowered, and then lifted again right before the buttocks are lowered to the ground. The movement is repeated.
6 Wide squat With the feet apart, the waist is lowered while keeping the legs bent, and the adductor muscles around the hip joints are used to stand up. The movement is repeated.
7 Burst up A higher load contracts the muscles. These are the original program steps.
8 Back extension While lying on the stomach, the chest and legs are lifted at the same time, and the back arched.
9 Leg raise After spreading a mat or something similar on the floor, one lies on their back. Then they hold onto a fixed or heavy item (a pillar, sofa, etc.) to stabilize their upper body. Then the legs are extended so that they are perpendicular to the floor, and lifted directly and slowly. The legs are held still for 1 or 2 seconds in the raised position, and then lowered them slowly. The heels should not touch the ground when the legs are being lowered.
10 Hip thrust While leaning on a bench, a weight is placed around the base of the thigh. While lightly holding it with both hands, lift the waist by squeezing the buttocks, hold for one second when lifted to the highest point, and return to approximately a middle height, and then lift the waist again.
11 Front lunge Step one foot forward, and lunge down alternatively from side to side.
12 Hard plank While lying on the stomach, the arms are bent. Then the upper body is lifted with the elbows, and the waist raised in line with the body and this posture held.
13 Burst up A higher load contracts the muscles. These are the original program steps.
14 Cool down 1 Fine stimulation adjusts the muscles.
15 Cool down 2 Stimulation at a slower speed lowers the strength.
  • Movements for each pattern are based on our original programs


Major specifications
Main unit
Model MXES-H600YG External dimensions 580 (width) x 340 (height) x 17.4 (thickness) mm
Number of electrodes 6 Weight About 170 g (gel pad not installed)
JAN code 4902580756512 Input voltage/current 5 V DC/Max. 110 mA
Built-in battery Lithium-ion battery (3.7 V/200 mAh)
Charging time About 3 hours (10 to 35°C)
Gel pad
Dimensions 51.8 (height) x 82.2 (width) x 0.85 (thickness) mm/1 piece Quantity 6 pieces
Weight About 5 g/1 piece (excluding the film) Material Hydrogel
Power supply adapter
Input 100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 0.2 A
Output 5 V DC/1.0 A
Gel pad x 1 set (6 pieces), protective sheet x 6, power supply adapter x 1, charging cable x 1 (about 50 cm), user manual

* The external dimensions and weight of the main unit are values obtained when the gel pads are not attached.

* The names, logos, and service marks are trademarks or registered trademarks of Maxell and other companies.

* Training results vary between individual